Growing Food

FRESH reclaims urban spaces as farms, gardens, and community green spaces. Growing food in the city gives us power and control over our food and land!
Grow Your Own!

You can grow food too! We have spaces available at each of our three community gardens, and we also build and install raised garden beds at people’s homes.

Check out the map of our gardens below to find one near you.

You can learn about urban gardening through our skill shares and volunteer days!
Saturdays, 10:00AM-noon.


Don’t want to garden, but still want to access fresh, local, and culturally appropriate foods?
We collectively grow food throughout New London and make it available.

Here are some options to get NL grown food:

Pay What You Can Market Stand

Food for the People

FRESH Snack Beds
(Painted GREEN)
** Please be sure not to pick from family gardens at the community gardens!
Those garden beds are painted RED.

Culturally Appropriate Crops

New London is rich in cultural diversity and we celebrate this in our gardens!

It’s not always easy to access the foods that we love, want, and need. Sourcing, cultivating, and sharing crops that are familiar and reflective connects us across cultures and gives us all access to foods that nourish our families.

Have a suggestion for a crop we should grow? Email us!

How to use FRESH gardens:
Find a location near you on the map below.
Look at the color of the beds –
– If RED, they can be rented by a family
– If GREEN, they are for community to pick!
– If BLUE, they are for the FRESH Crew
Enjoy the space with your neighbors!

Mercer Street (community garden, snack beds and medicinal herb beds)
Our Urban Farm and Education Center includes a large unheated greenhouse, a pavilion that we use as an outdoor classroom and event space, a brick oven, community garden beds, snack beds, and fruit trees!
(Corner of Williams & Mercer Streets, 55 Mercer St)

McDonald Park (community garden and snack beds)
FRESH began redeveloping this quarter-acre city park as a community garden and green space in 2017. Now, it boasts fruit trees, berry bushes, community garden beds, and a play area. 
(Corner of Connecticut Ave & McDonald Street, 1 McDonald St)

Ledyard Street Garden (community garden and snack beds)
We host 16 community garden beds, a mini-greenhouse, 6 snack beds, and lots of fruiting shrubs here. We are grateful to the
SECT CLT for hosting us on this land! It was donated by the Robert G Youngs Foundation to honor a man who loved and served New London for his whole life.
(198 Ledyard Street)

Cottage Street (CSA garden and snack beds)
This dramatic terraced property belongs to friends and collaborators, Cottage Street Apartments LLC. We imagine beehives, rainwater catchment, solar power generation, fruit trees and FRESH grown crops. We began partnering with them in 2019, so watch this space for the dream to slowly become a reality!  
(17-19 Cottage Street)

FRESH New London

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Write to us: PO Box 285, New London, CT 06320