Welcome to FRESH New London!

FRESH New London hosts multiple community gardens around the city of New London. We use food to connect the community, encourage stewardship, inspire leaders and incite change.

FRESH’s Three Buckets

mission: for youth to gain leadership skills, work with a community and learn about food justice in New London

mission: model and teach environmentally sustainable and small-scale cultivation as well as get food to people across New London

mission: create authentic pathways for community engagement and make systemic change with partner organizations

What’s New at FRESH?

Local Business Gift Guide

With Christmas a little over a week away, FRESH wanted to spotlight some artists and businesses that are right here in our community. Now more than ever, small businesses and local makers need support to keep their dreams alive. And every dollar spent is an investment in their futures during these difficult times. Buying fromContinue reading “Local Business Gift Guide”

144 Envelopes Challenge!

We’re rolling out our collective fundraiser, the 144 Envelope Challenge, to raise $10,000. This is a chance for everyone to contribute to the movement for food justice in New London. No donation is too small with this fundraiser; that’s what makes it so great. Here’s how it works: We have 144 virtual envelopes numbered 1Continue reading “144 Envelopes Challenge!”

Call us: 860-574-9006


Visit our office: 26 Broad Street, New London, CT 06320

Be sure to include PO Box 285 in mailings to FRESH