FRESH Work Days!

We grow and build together so that you can learn valuable skills while we collectively create the conditions for everyone to access food with dignity!
Here’s the list of upcoming skill shares, workshops, and collective workdays:


Sat, June 10, 9-12 (Cottage St.) – Suckering and Trellising

Sat, June 17, 9-12 (Mercer St.) – Suckering and Trellising

Sat, June 24, 9-12 (McDonald Park) – Suckering and Trellising

Sat. July 1 – NO WORK DAY


Sat, April 15, 9-12 (Mercer St.) – “Spring volunteer workday with FRESH Crew”

Sat, April 22, 10-12 (Mercer Garden) – “Spring Plant Sale!”

Sat, April 29, 10-2 (Cottage St.) – “Home Garden Bed Placement”

Sat, May 6th, 9-12 (McDonald Park & Ledyard) – Neighborhood Clean Ups

Sat, May 13th, 10-12 (Mercer St.) – Planting and Feeding

Sat, May 20, 10-12 (Cottage St) – Big Urban Plant Out!

Sat, May 27, 10-12 (Mercer Garden) – “Summer Plant Sale!”

We are always so grateful for our volunteers!
We can build an Edible (and just!) New London together!

FRESH New London

Call us: 860-574-9006

Write to us: PO Box 285, New London, CT 06320