Connecting Community

FRESH creates opportunities for people of all ages and circumstances to develop a deeper relationship with one another and with their environment. 
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

During the 2020 growing season, we collaborated with Sprout Garden at Connecticut College to distribute FRESH NL food harvested from our sites to 33 families each week as a part of CSA. This year, we are distributing CSA shares during the Dream Market on Saturdays, where we also host a “pay what you can” table full of fresh herbs and veggies!

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Sean, Julie and Chloe stand under the Mercer St Pavilion holding our new CSA boxes, full of food for CSA members!
A FRESH volunteer poses with the herb boxes outside the Mercer St garden.
Community Events and Volunteer Days

FRESH always needs help. Come out to our work days, reach out to propose special projects or share particular skills. We need your talent and brawn and energy!  

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2021 Panel Series: Racism is a Public Health Issue

We are working with the Health Improvement Collaborative of Southeastern Connecticut to produce and present a series of monthly presentations. Each month touches on a different topic, but all relate to racism as a public health issue. These educational, insightful panels are free, online, and open to the public. This month’s theme is Access to Care: Black and Brown Maternal and Infant Mortality Crisis.

The monthly panel will resume on September 29! Check back here for more information!

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Food to the People

In collaboration with Ledge Light Health District, L&M Hospital, and a host of volunteers, FRESH acquired and distributed boxes of food every Friday to our friends and neighbors in need. These boxes were available free of charge to any New London resident that needs one. As our director Alicia McAvay said, “What we really want is for folks to be able to access food with dignity. We don’t want people to feel embarrassed. There is a lot of need and a delivery program can really make a difference.” FRESH has stepped back from this collaboration for the summer, as our time and work focuses on our gardens, market, and youth program.

The Day newspaper wrote a great article about the program, which you can find HERE

Culturally Appropriate Crops

In all, we are growing more than 30 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are staples– beloved and intrinsic– to the wide array of peoples, cultures, and cuisines that now call New London home.

Sourcing, cultivating, and sharing these products is a way of connecting and learning across cultures. It also attracts people who grew up in another country to learn to garden for the first time or to modify agricultural practices from their country of origin to this urban New London context.

FRESH New London

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