About FRESH New London


FRESH New London builds momentum for food system change by connecting communities, with an focus on youth of New London. We work to create the conditions for everyone to access food with dignity and have real control over their food access. We grow food as a way to reclaim land, highlight cultural relevance, inspire leadership, and incite change. 


Together we can build and sustain a healthy community, that is centered on the joys, needs and wants of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people and poor & working class families. Our city will be full of public green spaces and fresh food, growing everywhere!


In 2004, FRESH began reclaiming space to grow food with young people for their families and neighbors. The organization soon expanded to grow more food on a 1.5 acre farm just outside of town. In 2014, under new executive leadership, FRESH gave up this plot of land to focus on rehabilitating blighted lots in New London. We organized residents in two different majority renter neighborhoods to decide where we should be growing and what to grow. Through the process, it became clear that while growing our own food is an act of liberation, that alone is not enough to build dignity in our food system and true control over our food access. We began working with partners in 2017 to lift the issues that impact our members, some food related, but we also started exploring the intersections of land control and food access, of schools and youth wellness, and the City budget and community wellbeing. 

While we still grow food, with young people, and get that out to families. We use this crisis response as a means to build relationships, grow our base, and to truly understand the issues facing our families. 

Mailing Address:

PO Box 285

New London, CT 06320

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Office located at:

26 Broad Street

New London, CT 06320​

Find Us:

Mercer Street Community Garden & Education Center at the corner Mercer and Williams (GPS: 55 Mercer Street)

The McDonald Park Community Garden at the intersection of Connecticut and McDonald (GPS: 1-9 McDonald Street)

Ledyard Street Community Garden at the intersection of Ledyard and Vauxhall (GPS: 198 Ledyard Street)

Cottage Street Urban Farm
17-19 Cottage Street between Broad and Franklin

Ledge Light Snack Beds
216 Broad Street (next to the fire station and Bartlett Park!)

FRESH New London

Call us: 860-574-9006

Write to us: PO Box 285, New London, CT 06320