144 Envelopes Challenge!

We’re rolling out our collective fundraiser, the 144 Envelope Challenge, to raise $10,000. This is a chance for everyone to contribute to the movement for food justice in New London. No donation is too small with this fundraiser; that’s what makes it so great. Here’s how it works: We have 144 virtual envelopes numbered 1Continue reading “144 Envelopes Challenge!”

COVID-19: We Are All Farmer’s Now

Did you know? This is usually around the time we host our annual meeting. This year, we won’t be able to have our normal meeting, but we still want to share a recap of our year- virtually. Below is our 2020 annual report! We suggest ordering some takeout from a New London restaurant to enjoyContinue reading “COVID-19: We Are All Farmer’s Now”

Double Your Dollars: Contribute Today

Thanks to the generosity of the Sustainable CT Community Match Fund, donations to FRESH are double through May 15! FRESH usually grows food with the community but during the COVID-19 crisis– and in the months after– we need to think a little differently.  Our new plan is to get people what they need to grow theirContinue reading “Double Your Dollars: Contribute Today”