144 Envelopes Challenge!

It’s back! We’re rolling out our collective fundraiser, the 144 Envelopes Challenge, to raise $10,000. Pick your envelope and donate here today!

This is a chance for everyone to contribute to the movement for food justice in New London. No donation is too small with this fundraiser; that’s what makes it so great.

Here’s how it works:

We have 144 virtual envelopes numbered 1 to 144. If we get $1 from envelope #1, $2 from envelope #2, and so on, when all the envelopes are filled we will have raised a little over $10,000!

  1. Look at the picture above. Choose a number from the front of one of the envelopes. (We’ll put a square over the filled envelopes in the picture. If there is no square, it’s open and ready to be filled.)
  2. Click here to get our donation page.
  3. Enter the amount you want to give. (If you’re feeling extra flush, you could click the button to give that amount every month!)
  4. Share it on all your social media so you’re friends can support FRESH too!

(Don’t want to give online? We can accept cash & checks too. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 285, New London, CT 06320. Email us at info@freshnewlondon.org to donate cash.)

$10,000 goes a long way at FRESH! It supports jobs for young people, snack beds in the community, Mission CSA boxes and more!

So please pick the envelope that works for you and give today.

You can get creative about it too!

Consider asking friends to help you fill your envelope. Or maybe you can take more than one envelope: maybe you can spare $40 but the #40 envelope is already taken – don’t settle for #39, instead take #35 and #5.

If you loved getting the weekly CSA, appreciate the snackbeds we’ve built throughout the city, are grateful that the mutual aid food pantry could deliver food to your neighbor, or were helped by FRESH to set up your own backyard garden this year, help us keep it all going for you and your friends and neighbors in 2021. Please choose an envelope and tell your people to choose one too!

Please feel free reach out to us if you have any questions.