Rules and Regulations for Individual Beds

Planted by: June 1st, or bed considered “abandoned.” 

Cleanliness: Keep weeds to a minimum.  No plants blocking pathways.  No plants should shade or encroach on neighboring beds. All dead or rotting plant debris should go into the compost. All diseased plant parts should go into the trash.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required, a visit of 1-2/week minimum is necessary, particularly to water bed.  Make arrangements for friends, family or other gardeners to aid with maintenance if necessary.

Abandoned Beds: If you must abandon your bed at any point during the season, please inform the Garden Coordinator(s).  Beds will be reassigned by the GCs.

Organic Garden: This is an organic garden. The use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides is NOT permitted.

End of Season Clean-up:  By October 30th, all gardeners are responsible for clearing their plot. If you plan to grow longer, let GC know.

Rules and Regulations for the Whole Urban Farm

Volunteering: There are lots of opportunities available to help with care and improvement of the Garden. Please contact the GC’s or FRESH to get involved.

Interaction with others’ beds: Please be respectful of other gardeners and don’t interact with other’s beds without permission.  We encourage all the gardeners to get to know each other and help each other out when needed.

Use of tools, watering system: Unless otherwise labeled, all tools in the shed are available for use. Please return them in the same condition (or cleaner) as you found them. Please make sure that the water is turned off at the shed and the spigots.

Assignment of Garden Beds

Fee per Bed: $20 for moderate/higher income; $10 for low/fixed income

•             Returning Gardeners:  To Renew – complete registration and pay by April 1st

•             Maximum # of Beds for Returning Gardeners: 2/individual or 3/family and is based on availability

•             Maximum # of Beds for New Gardeners: 1/individual or 2/family

Tier-System for New Gardeners & Waiting List:

i.              New London residents living within 1 mile of Garden

ii.             New London residents in general

iii.            Non-New London residents

Garden Leadership

Relationship with FRESH: FRESH New London is the license holder for the FRESH Community Garden with the city of New London. One of FRESH’s programs is to support community garden projects, as well as doing other food-related projects. FRESH is one of the founding members of the New London County Community Gardens group.  Along with community garden beds at the FRESH Community Garden, there are many FRESH Education Beds at this site, gardened by New London students.

All FRESH events are free and open to the Public!

Violation of Rules: If any rules and regulations of the Garden are violated by a Gardener, a GC will notify the Gardener of the violation.  A specific amount of time needed to fix the problem will be agreed upon.  If the problem isn’t corrected or the GC contacted within that time, the Gardener will forfeit their bed(s).