FRESH celebrates Black History Month

Happy Black History Month! FRESH recognizes that food justice cannot happen without racial justice in the United States. Learn more about Black farms in Connecticut and what you can do in New London to contribute to justice:

Black landownership in the US has actually fallen since the early 20th century:

“In 1910, at the height of Black landownership, 16 million acres of farmland— 14 percent of the total— was owned and cultivated by Black families. Now less than 1 percent of farms are Black-owned.” –Farming While Black

There are two Black-owned farms in Connecticut:

Root Life (New Haven, CT)

Park City Harvest (Bridgeport, CT)

Want to learn more about the intersections of racial and food justice?

Check out these books:

Farming While Black – Leah Penniman

Working the Roots – Michele Elizabeth Lee

Freedom Farmers – Monica M. White

Black Food Geographies – Ashanté M. Reese

Black Farmers in America – John Francis Ficara

The Color of Food – Natasha Bowens

Local Action Steps:

1. New London residents should fill out the People’s Budget Survey

2. Support House Bill 6267 which would sponsor the creation of a task force to study racial inequalities for African Descendants of Slaves (ADOS).

3. Look for the next installment of the Health Improvement Collaborative‘s panel series on Racism as a Public Health issue

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